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aka Ronny Engmann from Berlin.
Blessed with incredible programming skills Ronny surprises with intruiging sound and beat explorations. He has been producing game music since his early days and is an active member of the Demo scene. Nowadays he is mostly using an old Commodore64 computer to make his music.
Dalezy is all about IDM, chip tunes and power-electronica in general.



2001 Face On Mars | Underscan Records (12")
1999 Haurglez | mp3c (CD)


2005 Now 03 | Underscan Records (12")
2000 .net | Wan Records (CD)
2000 Aadd Volume 1 | mp3c (CD)
2000 Xpm Volume 1 | mp3c (CD)
1999 Parasite Hopes | Level-D Records (CD)


2005 Fabelbuch/Kniga Skazok | Nexsound (CDR)

listen to tracks:

Face On Mars buy
Superdunkel... buy
Apparently... buy
Void Destruct buy
Silkweed buy
Silkweed buy