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aka Markward Wagner and Ralf Pytlik. They founded Underscan Records to give own sounds and beats a platform and to express their vision of electronic music. Menu:Exit started out in spring 2000 as both realized that they have the same approaches to electronic music.
Although their name imprints both variation and final decision the result is truly more than diverse. Markward Wagner and Ralf Pytlik transfer their work to a musical level full of abstractions without loosing focus of the emotional side. Their tracks live from loosely arranged but sharp-beat driven sounds that meander between all kinds of tempi.
The tiny details are therefore not recognized at first but are almost the decisive element of their music: textures are chopped up, edited, pasted and combined thus interpreted in a new way. Short fragments of different genres show up and while still thinking where they may come from new elements instantly flash out of their machines. The audible experience in between the tones is the central aspect and finetuned dramatization until the last decibels at the end of their tracks disappear.


2007 Laptik Compilation | Digital Gadget/Front Records (12")
2006 Heimlich Maneuver Remix | Everest Records (12")
2005 Now 03 Compilation | Underscan Records (12")
2005 Expedition_01 Compilation | Everest Records (CD)
2004 Vool | Underscan Records (12")
2001 RMX by Rinzen | Die Gestalten Verlag (Book incl. mini-CD)
2001 Profiles | Underscan Records (12")

appearances (selection):

2006 Zentrale Randlage | Berlin
2006 NBI | Berlin
2005 Superkronik | Leipzig
2004 Underscan Swiss Tour
2004 Dachstock | Bern
2003 Transmediale.03 | Berlin
2002 Battery Park | Cologne
2002 B-Films Festival | Berlin
2002 KeyBug at Streetparade | Zürich
2002 Musik&Maschine Congress | Berlin
2001 Berlin Beta Festival
2001 ICA | London
2000 Profile Intermedia | Bremen

listen to tracks:

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Human Randomize buy
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Cherlisc buy
Iyf buy
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Querverweis buy
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