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Rod from Dublin/IRL is a bona fide musician, electronic or otherwise and has been playing synths as long as hes been able to walk. His deep affair with music stemmed from an early love of electronic landscapes and the machines that created them...
In his teens Rod began writing and producing hard breakbeat, a style that was to eventually mellow as his own taste in music broadened. His focus shifting to the subtle melodics and nuances of hip-hop and psychedelic rock.
He has been making music quietly in his home studio for over 10 years, while also playing hammond organ with various bands; his own music only recently appearing on various compilations from record labels such as Neo Ouija, Underscan & Front End Synthetics. He is currently working on his first full length solo debut.


2005 Now 02 | Underscan Records (12")
2005 All My Love | Underscan Records (12"), Front End Synthetics (CD)
2004 Last Day Of Summer Rmx | Alphastates (CD)
2003 Vestibule And Separate | Neo Ouija (CD)
2001 Lemod | Front End Synthetics (CD)
2000 Santa's Factory | Frisco (CD)
1996 Engine & Heart Of Bass | Peak (CD)

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