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Funckarma are brothers Don and Roel Funcken.
They are one of the headleading musicans in electronic advanced music in the Netherlands. Soundscapes reverberate with a wall of melodies and echoes combined with complex crisp beat structures. A sublime fusion of styles underpins their music as the percussion develops and becomes more complex. Cinematic music at it's most evocative. Electronic nuttiness that never fails to engage. A moving and viscerally intense evidence that Funckarma's music is full of emotion. It is also mechanical, distorted and coming from a dark aesthic. Funckarma material displays more of an "intellectual appeal", requiring a certain barrier of entry to fully get into the music. Trained ears and complete attention is definitely a requirement. Sound to them is not a vehicle for there expression but in fact a tool used to make creations that are themselves insipration.

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