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Everest - a project consisting of Matu and Meienberg was established 1999 in Bern/CH. It began all in former times with the common purchase of two analog synthesizers and with the decision to "plumb" the electronic sound production. Excessive nigths with psychedelic soundorgies and disturbed neighbours followed.
Back in 1999. Matu got along with his sampler, an EMU-model of the post-war-period with a memory capacity of about 3,4 seconds, already very well and even Meienberg had his „Holy Mud“ release just fnished. That's when they decided to start their own label called Everest Records.

Everest 2001 - a few devices were added. Everest records everywhere, sample and edit in the livingroom. Sometimes a guitar or one of the old-venerable synthesizer comes to the course. Everest merges everyday-noises into dark soundcarpets and put delay-troubled beats under it. Shreds of conversation are hunt by spherical shimmer. Kind of soundtrack and -trash. Matu processes and plays samples while Meienberg programmes the beats.


2005 Now 03 | Underscan Records (12")
2005 Expedition_01 | Everest Eecords (CD)
2004 Heimlich Maneuver | Everest Records (CD)
2002 Inhalight | Everest Records (CD-Rom)

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