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Slemper is Maarten Meussen, a Dutch dance and electronica producer. He is known to push the envelope when it comes to experimenting with sound. As a kid he played piano and the drums until he became interested in computer music. He studied at the Utrecht School of Arts in Music Technology where he got his Master of Arts in 2002. As Slemper he tries to find new sounds in ordinary things. He has made compositions out of the grinding of pepper and the peeling of an egg.

His output ranges from frantic drum 'n bass, to ambient, electro, breakbeats, and experimental electronica, but always with a weird twist. Slemper debuted on the Expertise compilation on Prospect Recordings with the track 'Eating Rocks'. Since then he also released a track on the second 'Jip' compilation, and the Lush Distractions cd on Thin Consolation. He was also remixed by Funckarma. His debut full length Mismatch has just been released on Aeclectrick records.

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