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Born in Japan Akira Inagawa aka Lambent now is located in Berlin. Akira studied sculpture at the Artschool in London and started to make electronic music as sculptur project. During that period he met London's label Insinenow to release tracks for them and play gigs. In 2002 Akira moved to berlin, playing as musician and Electronica & Hip Hop Dj. He has made music for dance performance groups, video artists and played in several radio shows in Berlin (Uniradio, etc...). After a while he went back to Japan and played in a temple in Tokyo with a dictaphone aswell as in Apple stores in Osaka or the Kyoto metro. He has returned to Berlin in February of 2006 to further work on his musical career.

He describes his music as followes: "Lambent is using misunderstanding in a good way which leads to your imagination towards a certain direction that makes the unique Lambent sound also influenced by people who I met, the word we consume is a reflection of fragments of your thoughts/experiences that you are made up with. No one can imagine what you are really thinking of or imagining as if we never know the colour of us calling red is really red as we see and as we feel. The sound as well, as abstract as it gets, then the perceptionist (in this case the listeners) has to think what it is and Lambent is somehow in between connecting dreams (repetitive sounds scenary) and real things (templated music gender)."

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