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  • Cat.No.: US001
  • Title: Face On Mars Ep
  • Artist: Dalezy
  • Type: 12" (lim.300)

Face On Mars Ep

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“rngmnn is one musick- and sound artist based out of berlin/germany. rngmnn produces, performs and releases musick as either dalezy and rngmnn; former projects include knarkhora irma, synth ethic, null.profil, hyrmnll, r/e and ronny engmann. rngmnn produces musick on and for the following systems: pc, amiga, c64, gameboy(gbc+gba) and vc-20.“

The first ever release on Underscan kicks of with a seductive 4 track EP by Dalezy aka Ronny Engmann from Berlin.

Contacted via the internet he soon became a good friend of the Underscan team. Fitted out with incredible programming skillz Ronny surprises us again and again with his amazing sound and beat explorations.

He has been producing Game Music since his early days. Dalezy is about IDM, chip-tunes, abstract experimental and power-electronica in general. Before he got to Underscan he released on various internet labels aswell as on the Micromusic Compilation (


Published in: De:Bug

Dark und funky mit analoger Drumästhetik und sehr scifiartigen Sounds, so startet das neue Berliner Label in die Existenz, und lassen Dalezy sich in vier recht eigenwillige Elektonica Tracks verbuddeln, denen man die Gamesound Schulung stellenweise anmerkt, weil sie so sehr auf diesen knarzig trockenen Sound bestehen, und sich an einem einmal gefundenen Thema festbeissen. Besonders gut wirkt das auf Tracks wie "Apparently Infinite", daß sich zusätzlich zu den tatsächlich endlos umeinandergeschlungenen Melodien auf einen gewissen Minimalismus der gesamten Soundästhetik einlässt, was dem ganzen eine überschaubare Richtung gibt, wenn auch ins All nicht grade ein Target ist. "Void Destruct" ist aber genau so gradlinige zeitlos und funky in seiner besonderen immer wiederkehrenden Art. bleed *****-****

Published in: electronicmusicworld

the first ever release of the german label underscan records brings us an ep called face on mars by the promising german artist dalezy. welcome to the world of ronny engmann.
this 12" starts with the title track, face on mars, a dark downtempo tune evolving around one rhythm line. don't ever think that this makes the track repetetive though, it works in a very entrancing way when this rhythm is combined with spacious sounds drifting in and out ... a very nice beginning for this ep.
superdunkelhammermusik is the next track. this track is highly influenced by dalezy's former side project synth ethic. old computersounds are blended into this breakbeat techno tune. awesome, in-your-face rhythms combine with the power of that typical dalezy-sound and computer-vocals to form superdunkelhammermusik.
the b-side starts with apparantly infinite. starting out very ambient, it is soon more than clear why this track is called apparantly infinite. it's clearly dalezy's view on outer space. floating ambient sounds, minimal but well-crafted rhythms. it all combines to give us a view into the telescope into that apparantly infinite thing called space.
and with the last track, we get back to the atmosphere where we started. void destruct is a dark, rhythm-driven track with some spacious sounds. it makes the world look surreal and frightening.
I can say but one thing about this release: I'm glad I have it. it's awesome. it's special. it's a good start for both the very promising label and the artist, who has a big future again of him.

Published in: Recycle Your Ears

Dalezy is one of the multiple project of the german artist Ronny Engmann, who, after havign been active with his diverse project on, is now taking a step further with the release of his works on "real" formats. Here comes in consequence a LP on Underscan records, whose title was inspired, as far as I know, by the strange face-like mountain that was revealed by some photos of Mars.
"Face on Mars" starts with its title and best track. This piece is a very nice IDM track, built on a regular rhyhtm supported by a rather present bass. Catchy and presenting a very nice "groove", this pattern is then accompanied by a nice higher pitched melody that brings it more flow and emotion. This reminded me a little bit of some earlier material by Autechre, but we are not in presence of a copycat, and this is truely a seducive track. It is followed by the ironically titled "Superdunkelkammermusik" ("Super dark chamber music"), who seems influenced by video games sounds. We're not talking "Micro_superstarz" here (even though a side project of Dalezy, Synth Etic, appeared on this compilation), but the combination of old sounding beats and a robotic vocoded voice evoked to me more some game systems from the 80's than anything else. Not as "extreme" in this direction as things like Klangstabil's "Giocco Bambino", but still, I must have missed something in my young(er) age, and video games sounds just don't seduce me.
On the other side of the disc, "Apparently infinite" has a more ambient approach, with ligher, more aethereal sounds, before some light drum kicks in, bringing the music back to more IDM-ish territories "Void Destruct", finally, is close to its predecessor, with more evolutions and changes, and a constant tension kept all throughout the track, that makes it a tune you want to listen over and over, discerning the small subitlities and details.
"Face on Mars" contains four tracks that present at least three different approaches toward intelligent dance music. They are all rather light and very melodic, but it would be a mistake to take Dalezy as a newcomer. This guy knows how to write original and modern-sounding tunes, and I recommend checking this is a name like Autechre rings a bell for you.

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