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  • Cat.No.: US002
  • Title: Profiles Ep
  • Artist: Menu:Exit
  • Type: 12" (lim.300)

Profiles Ep

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The second release on Underscan by the inventors of the label itself.
With their debut release Mark Wagner and Ralf Pytlik from Berlin express their own credibility in todays music production. Heavy editing and detailed sound design describes their work process although their output still has a great emotional part without being overproduced.


Published in: De:Bug

Neues Elektronika-(wenn man mal so sagen darf, damit wir wissen wohin es hier geht)-Label aus Berlin. Mark Wagner und Ralf Pytlik kommen aus dem Sounddesigner Umfeld, und das hört man den Tracks dieser EP auch deutlich an. Sehr weit und mit extremen Brüchen in den Sounds, zerrig klonkigen Beats und einer gelegentlich etwas zu bissigen Schärfe in den Sounds, aber digital so gut in Szene gesetzt und bearbeitet, daß man gerne über etwaige Hörschäden hinwegsieht und lieber ganz genau das Ohr auf die Rillen legt um herauszufinden wohin diese Klänge eigentlich noch wollen. Alles ist hier so perfekt gemacht, daß man sich manchmal ein wenig mehr Unordnung wünschen würde, etwas weniger Design, aber was man mehr haben möchte ist schwerer zu definieren, denn die Tracks sind wirklich sehr gut. bleed *****-****

Published in: electronicmusicworld

the second release of this young german label is one of many impressions, many different atmospheres, many different styles. there is one thing that binds all tracks though: the superhigh quality of the music.
segment replace, for instance, which is the first track of the release, blends vocal samples with energetic synth-sounds and well-crafted rhythms.
after this energetic beginning, the influences of a laidback aphex twin kick in for selection backspace, a very laidback tune with a very special sound. beautiful high pulses are combined with slightly distorted rhythms that fit in perfectly. though at times, it might sound a bit repetetive, when you listen closely you hear the differences. this is a track where you sit down and let yourself be guided by the music.
the b-side is opened by human randomize, a funky elektro-breakbeat tune that indeed gives the impression that some sounds were put on random at first. but soon enough, you find out that every sound has been crafted into place perfectly. nothing is random. except maybe for the length. this track could've gone on for a bit longer in my opinion.
time lock is more moving, meant for the dancefloor. And I could well imagine a whole crowd on a dancefloor moving to this strong, rolling breakbeat-flow. and even though this mainly beat-driven track might be for the dancefloor at first, a beautiful spacey floating atmosphere is present to make this track even more interesting, also for normal listening.
the last, but certainly not the least track is set locator, a track that reminds me of the mellow electronica of boards of cnada or autechre in their "amber" period.
all in all, this is one very very strong release. my favorites are set locator and selection backspace. if this is the focus of underscan, then I see a big future opening up for this german label. warp records, watch out for this label!

Published in:

This is more nicely-wrought dark Electro. In general, the EP is delicately corrupted; the track "Human Randomize" almost reaches Drum and Bass, or maybe that should be the other way around. Behind the fuzz and the noise the rhythm has an undeniable hint of breakbeat at work. At other points Menu Exit provide Electro to the nth degree. "Timeclock" is steeped in awkward synth portamento settings, while "Set Locator", my personal fave, is a wonderful mix of analogue bubbles, glitch-driven rhythm, and delicate melodic structures. All in all Menu | Exit and their record label Underscan are worth looking out for. -ap-

Published in: Recycle Your Ears

Second release for Underscan, this 12" by the Berlin based band Menu/Exit takes more or less the same direction as Dalezy's "Face on Mars", with somewhat more classic song structure, and a stronger emphasis on the beats. Anyway, this is still crystal clear, very melodic and original electronica.
The disc starts with a sample from "Dune", followed by a rather fast and very flowing track. I really liked the way the bass and some slightly noisy sounds are used on this "Segment replace". Even though the melody in itself doesn't fit very well with the rest (in my opinion), this is still a good track.
However, the other four tracks are slowler, "groovier" and more drum'n'bass oriented. "Selection backspace", for example is a very nice one, with lounge-like sounds and a catchy drumming. Imagine some of the most rhythmic tracks from Beefcake, a bit simpler, done with some sounds from Funkstörung or Monolake, and you will have a good idea of this nice, dreamy and seducive music. Things get slightly faster with "Time lock" but, overall, this is akind of IDM that stays calm and touching, for example with the strings on "Set locator".
All in all, a fine 12" with a very evocative and soft music, that will fit well together with some Aphex Twin and Funkstörung. I'm rather seduced, and I hope I'll listen to more stuff from Menu/Exit.
Nicolas, June 14th, 2001

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