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  • Cat.No.: US013
  • Title: NOW remix
  • Artist: Bogger, Fibla, Frank Bretschneider, Menu:Exit, Onethema, Pytlik, Scanner, Slemper
  • Type: MP3

NOW remix

"NOW Remix" features fresh talent aswell as established artists defining and interpreting the Underscan sound. From Team Doyobi, E.Stonji, Hecq, Dalezy, Bovaflux and the like to new artists Nukua, Tammetõru and the incredible Hungryghost pounding it into your ears.

NOW is never what it seems and always under change!

01 "Honz" by Bogger (Icasean Tropics Repass by Team Doyobi)
02 "Atmachb" by Pytlik (Tammetõru Rmx)
03 "International" by Fibla (Bovaflux Rmx)
04 "Interroom" by Scanner (E.Stonji Rmx)
05 "Monocarbite" by Onethema (Nukua Rmx)
06 "Dusdatikaf" by Slemper (Hungryghost Rmx)
07 "Platzverweis" by Menu:Exit (Dalezy Rmx)
08 "Polaris" by Frank Bretschneider (Hecq Rmx)


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Underscan Recordings from Germany have unveiled a remix compilation entitled Now Remixed (remixes from their acclaimed Now series). Dalezy's remix of "Querverweis" (original by Menu | Exit) was featured in broadcast #321 and its brooding slap-stick percussion, darkened ambient wash and smoothly layered rhythms bend and contort gracefully within its few minutes of bliss. The compilation is a prime example of the strength and longevity of electronic music in its purest sense; artists such as Hecq, Estonji and Bovaflux offer their contributions rounding out this meeting of disjointed perfection.

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The NOW project originally was formed by four 12" which have been also gathered on a CD. Since the label decided to go only on digital, the UNDERSCAN NOW REMIX project is about to be released on digital format only on April the third. I didn't had the chance to listen to the original tunes but I enjoyed a lot these remixes. We have: Honz (Icasean Tropics Repass by Team Doyobi) - Original by Bogger (here the English Team Doyobi give a particular i.d.m. touch to the original tune thanks to the use of Amiga computers without losing a cool melodic touch), Atmachb (Tammetõru Rmx) - Original by Pytlik (on this one Tammetõru, a.k.a. Indrek Tamm from Talinn, Estonia and one half of Myrakaru, mix breakbeat rhythms with dreamy sounds/melodies passing from dark to light atmospheres easily ), International (Bovaflux Rmx) - Original by Fibla (Bovaflux turned this track into a dreamy one using long synth pads, clean electric guitars and a light breakbeat rhythm), Interroom (Estonji Rmx) - Original by Scanner (Estonji, a.k.a. Jens Doering created a dark atmosphere rich of orchestrations and obsessive rhythms), Monocarbite (Nukua Rmx) - Original by Onethema (Nukua is Edwin de Maria from Mouscron, Belgium. His version of "Monocarbite" is a cool mix of electronica and i.d.m. with complex rhythmical patterns), Dusdatikaf (Hungryghost Rmx) - Original by Slemper (Alan Dobson also known as Arcadion and one of the production team Def Tex, here uses grime bass sounds, 4/4 syncopated rhythms and a bit of ambient sounds with a sprinkle of mystery), Querverweis (Dalezy Rmx) - Original by Menu:Exit (from Berlin and also part of the Underscan roster, we have Ronny Engmann/Dalezy. His version of the track is a bumping reverbered and distorted tune with house melodies and semi industrial intuitions) and Polaris (Hecq Rmx) - Original by Frank Bretschneider (Ben Lukas Boysen a.k.a. Hecq has many releases on Ant Zen, Hymen and Ad Noiseam and he gives to "Polaris" an ambient i.d.m. treatment turning it into a dark creepy track with choruses and reverb). Check this out..

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For some reason, the remixed complement to Berlin-based Underscan's original NOW compilation is slimmed-down from sixteen to eight tracks, but that's about the only inexplicable thing about it. Everything else is fairly straightforward: the collection—at forty-two minutes, unusually svelte for the electronica genre—mixes familiar names (Team Doyobi, E.Stonji, Hecq, Dalezy, Bovaflux) and new recruits (Nukua, Tammetõru, Hungryghost) in a wide-ranging tour that touches down in a modest number of stylistic locales.

The prime cuts arrive in the sixth and seventh spots: Hungryghost (Alan Dobson) clothes Slemper's “Dusdatikaf” in a bleepy electro-funk swagger that's admirably fresh, and a thunderously swinging overhaul of Menu:Exit's “Querverweis” by Dalezy (Berliner Ronny Engmann, incidentally the first artist to ever release a record on Underscan) likewise grooves mightily. The remaining half-dozen tracks are fine if comparatively less arresting: Tammetõru (Talinn, Estonia-based Indrek Tamm) takes Pytlik's “Atmachb” for a breezy ride that's equal parts rampaging breakbeats and BOC-styled analog synth melodies; Scanner's “Interreum” gets seriously knocked around by beat-smasher E.Stonji (Jens Doering), though not so much that the original's ominous synth and piano themes get lost in translation; and in the hands of Highpoint Lowlife's Bovaflux (software programmer Eddie Symons) Fibla's “International” becomes an ultra-serene head-nodder enlivened with live-sounding beat programming. In addition, SKAM records' Team Doyobi (Alex Peverett and Chris Gladwin) gives Bogger's “Honz” an 8-bit makeover that squiggles and twitches at light-speed; Amiga Computer laser firings and wobbly synth lines collide over a dizzying base before a peaceful breakdown briefly brings the track to its knees before starting up again just as frenetically. Listening to the remix of Onethema's “Monocarpic,” one could be forgiven for thinking Funkstörung's come back to life but it's simply Nukua (Edwin de Maria of Mouscron, Belgium) whose love for jittery clatter-funk programming comes through loud and clear. Slowing the tempo to a ponderous crawl in his set closer, Hecq (Hymen's Ben Lukas Boysen) sends Frank Bretschneider's “Polaris” into a Ligeti-like deep space that's galaxies beyond the original. All well and good, but if there's a downside to the collection, it's that glitchy electronica dominates so much, it leaves less room than we'd like for hip-hop-influenced treatments by the likes of Hungryghost.

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